Images of Vietnamese Buffalo Boy

Images of Vietnamese Buffalo Boy

What does it mean?

When you read travel ads about Vietnam. The image of Vietnamese Buffalo Boy is frequently displayed on magazines.

However, when you visit Vietnam, that image isn’t always real and the real Buffalo boys are not usual in Vietnamese’s childhood. In other word, it isn’t often real.


Because it represents the personality of Vietnamese people.

There are actually many versions of this symbolic catagory.

The Buffalo boy

The Moon boy

The Fan boy

In summary, a country boy.

There are several mixed messages in “a country child”.

To the outside world. The child and buffalo represents Vietnam’s natural, green agriculture.

To the Vietnamese people. The child represents innocence.

There are deeper contexts that we found out.

  1. The child’s innocence represents Vietnamese people’s simplicity way of life as farmers in the agriculture society.
  2. The buffalo boy is similar to Lao Tzu rides buffalo during his journey to teaching his wisdom.
  3. In Tibetan Buddhism of which Dalai Ma is the present icon, has a similar theme. A young monk goes through ten steps to tame an elephant. In Taoism of Lao Tzu, has story of a young boy challenged by buffalo and the boy tamed the animal to his will. The “buffalo” or “elephant” are wild animals (as well as horse, and tiger). There are ten steps to tame an animal in the child. A human is a wild animal and he has to learn to control himself.

In many respects. The symbolic of either “Monk tames Elephant”; “Boy rides Buffalo”; or in Mid-East European fictional icon of “Dragon and Beauty”; “Beauty and Beast”; or “Tiger and Heroen”. All have the same mean.


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