Foods Tourism in Vietnam

To whom sharing the interests for Asian foods and fun. Those have a sense for adventure in South East Asia.

When it comes to foods tourism, we experience the flavors and way of life.  We love the natural, un-stagged urban life of the locals. We travel to South East Asia because we managed to escape metro life. This is the reason that make travelling to Vietnam as well as to other places in the South East Asia region special. Like Cambodia, Thailand, Burma. Our most vivid experience comes from the street food stands and their friendly greets, not the resort hotels. The beaches, not the foods at resorts, nor western first class restaurant theme.

Unlucky though, the “street foods” operators in Vietnam are being forced by the government to shut down so that food corporations from Western franchise like McDonalds can survive. The so called modernization metro street faces of Vietnam can look like Tokyo, Singapore, or London. Imagine those local Vietnamese foods, those family business operators have experience with the traditional receipes will be forever gone.

In short, this speciall message is meant to convince those travellers. When you visit Vietnam, show your presence and support for those local home made recipe operators.

Street foods is a way of life for many generations of Vietnamese and foreign travellers. Foods cannot be polarized for political advertisement.


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