Vietnamese Religions

There are many religions in Vietnam. Each geographic region could have been influenced by a specific religion to hold local majority.

In South, heavily Buddhist branches.

  • Chinese Buddhists
  • Thai, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodian Buddhists
  • Taoists, and Cham’s Indian Hindus

In Central, Catholics, Muslims, and Chinese Buddhists.

In North, Catholics, Chinese Buddhists, Han Confucians, Taoists.

Do not confuse Vietnamese are Chinese.

The Chinese regime throughout history and till at present, is trying to use Confucianism to influence and control Vietnam, they failed. Because Confucius only teaches Vietnamese “how to respect the class hiearchy which he shapes that the Chinese head of state is god. Chinese officials are lords, and Vietnamese kings are servants. At the lowest social order, Vietnamese are farmers.”

Do not convert Vietnamese to Western Supremacy.

The French used Catholicism to degrade Vietnamese as non-religous animals, or convert Vietnameses to become servants to Jesus and earthly ruled by white supremacist catholics. Followed that, American policy on Anti-Socialism/Communism and extrem American Republican Conservative Catholics. All failed.

With simple lessons of the “Buffalo boy” in Taoism. The Vietnamese people are masters in taming monsters.

Although French regime succeed in almost completely destroying the Taoist Vietnamese and Chinese Confusianism influences in order to replace French Catholic culture. It wasn’t long for the “buffalo boys” with their very simple gorilla jungle tactics with simple farmer’s tools… they outwitted any foreign regimes.


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